Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whats new..

Ushahidi.com, an up to the minute informative website that allows anyone to upload eye witness accounts of what’s happening on the ground. Ory Okolloh’s idea and through the collaborative efforts of techies like David Kobia, Daudi Were and Erik Hersman, the site was up and running in a record two days!after the idea was birthed and thus far has gained enormous press coverage and attention.

BBC audio interview link

A group of Kenyans led by my girl, Karimi Gituma- a med student at Harvard- are planning a benefit concert in Boston to feature Kenyan artists. The objective is to raise awareness and necessary funds needed to channel to the Kenya Red Cross which is spearheading the relief efforts and providing temporary shelters for the multitudes of displaced families and individuals nationwide.

Key here is also to reach out more to the grassroots’ organizations who are working with paltry budgets because they don't have don't have the same stature and goodwill that KRC has. There's also a special emphasis on medical supplies as well not only to treat and contain but also prevent any medical outbreaks. No final dates confirmed yet but the alacrity displayed by organizers leaves little doubt that it will be a great success.
Finally, people an inspired bunch heeding to the call of action!

www.onenationoneparty.com, from the TRIO, that is Trueblaq entertainment, Kenya vibe and I forget who the other partner is. My buddy Dicki and company organize various entertainment events nationwide particularly in LA/San Diego area. Looking forward to rudge as usual and this will not disappoint!....although haven’t got word yet whether they are going to be donating profits to the same cause or not.


The Black Mamba said...

Our unity as a country is under threat.

You'll see this during the sevens. I won't be surprised if a bout breaks out.

Fedha said...

Ssem:I used to think we wanainchi here are a bit civilized and educated not to stoop so low but thats not the case going from what i read in the likes of mashada.
Siasa mbaya exposed the fault lines and guys will indeed throw down!